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The Big Ear Project.
Earwax Removal For Charity


Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce that Earwax Clinic Southampton(The Big Ear Project) is now listed on FindHealthClinics, a leading online directory for medical, health, and wellness services. Visit our listing at to explore our range of services, expert practitioners, patient testimonials, and more. Discover why we're a trusted choice for all your healthcare needs. Help us spread the word! Share our listing with your friends, family, and community. Your support means the world to us. Together, let's empower more individuals on their journey towards health and wellbeing."

Southampton Sight opens doors to our services

As of April 2024, we shall be working with Southampton Sight in serving its community including free hearing checks and Earwax removal for only a donation

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Bridging the gap between NHS and the private sector


When it's important to you but you can't afford to wait too long for your NHS appointment, When its important to you and you cant afford it, we will always be your answer.

We are not for profit all we ask is your generosity.


The Big Ear Project provides Earwax removal services for charity both in the comfort of your home or in one of  our partner clinics including free advice on:


  • Tinnitus

  • Referrals to GP

  • Hearing aid Advise

  • Free hearing Test

  • And many other services  

 Your Donations

Your donations go a long way. From keeping us running by meeting our running expenses to paying school or college fees for a child countries like Zambia and even training an Audiology or hearcare professional.

Our project Abroad needs you

Are you looking for the next challenge? Every year we take a trip abroad to promote hearing health and work with our deaf community. You can either join us on one of these trips or you can help us fundraise for the project to buy equipment for the trip.

Making a difference Starts with You!


“I though I had lost my hearing , but when the wax was cleaned out I felt a whole new person. Thanks to the big ear project”


Audrey Sellers


“I could not  wait for 3 months to have my wax removal appointment with NHS, Thanks to the Big Ear Project.”


Arthur Milton

“My sister referred me to the project when I  couldn't hear, the job they did for me is priceless.”


Betty Taylor


“II cant hear the Tinnitus anymore because of the advise I received.”


Ralph Pearlman

"I was worried about my mobility , but they came to my house, now I can hear"

                                 Janet Blackwell

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